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How to Maintain Self Physical Hygiene



    The most important thing in our society is physical hygiene. We should eat in a proper way , wash our hands before eating and eat clean healthy food. After that , we must wash again our hands. After shaking hands with other people we must clean our hands because those people must have touched dirty things without washing their hands. And after holding money , we should wash our hands or clean them with wet wipes or sanitizer, because there is many people who touched the money with their dirty hands. We should take a bath every day to keep the germs away from us. In our life many of germs attack us , so we should keep our body healthy.

    Grade 9 ‘B’ Group G
    Jawad Nehme , Michel Obeid , Marc Younan , Jana Younes And Rita Youssef

    "Smell the cleanliness" some people consider it as the most important thing in their life. It can make people judge on. First of all. hygiene can make you feel be in shape and feel comfortable in community. If you are clean, you will have confidence in yourself. People will start getting more and more closer to you so you can benefit from a lot of advantages. Second, hygiene is a cause on preventing yourself from infections so you aren't obliged to take medicines and receive treatments in hospital and will make save more money. If you're clean, no infections will attack your body. Finally, "Cleanliness" is a way of living a good life in community. It protects body from infections.
    (Grade9 A; Group F: Elissa Gerges, Cecile Obeid, Jean-Luc Mattar, Marie-Belle Khawand and Reine Habchy.

  3. Frequent Hygien
    Hygiene is very important in our life. First, a shower must be a part of our daily life. It makes you feel comfortable and prevents people from getting a bad idea about your hygien and to avoid hanging out with you. Secondly, brushing our teeth is part of our health as well as our hygien. Our smile is the most friendly communication and especially while talking to others. Third, washing our hands is necessaryto keep us away from bacteries and diseases. Last but not Least, keeping ourselves propers, reflects our personnality and expresses our cleanliness.
    Grade9 A; Group C:Charbel Hachach, Rein Hanna, Tanios Abi Khalil, Vanessa Khoury, And Wael Zgheib.

    Physical health is the most important thing in life and it gives you the first opinion about the person. Firstly, each person has to maintain self physical hygiene like taking a shower everyday to be clean and not to annoy other people. We must wear clean clothes and put parfumes to feel comfortable, tidy and to have a good scent.Secondly, there are other things that we have to do for our physical health like eating healthy food and doing sport exercises to keep our body healthy and fit. Added to all that, it gives us more energy and it decreases our health problems. Finally, we think that people who apply these rules will gain respect from other people and help sustainable development.
    (Grade9 “B”Group E:Hachache Georges,Hayek Gaelle,Merza Amanie,Mouawad Lynn and Zgheib Ghiwa)

  5. How can we protect our health ?!?
    The health is the most important thing for any people .Without it the society will be destroyed because diseases will attack us .There are so many ways to protect ourselves .First of all, we have to watch the way we eat cause any food we eat make us fat and this is a big probleme for our health .Our diet must be balenced and useful.Second, our hygiene must be very clean to protect our body from bacteria and all diseases. It must starts from ourselves .Third, the environment effects the person too,cause it let him dirty. Finally the health helps us to continue living in the right way and in conclusion the most important thind is protect our health.
    (Grade9 "B" Groupe "B" : Jhonny Najem,Lourdess Daou,Gino Saliba,Maryline Yousef,Marie-josee Alam)

  6. In our opinion, self physical hygiene is a great way to keep yourself healthy. First, taking shower everyday keeps bacteria away. Imagine, in summer, after a long hot day under the sun, many bacteria appear over our body, so, we are obliged to take at least one shower to avoid having bad smell and this may result in diseases. Second, brushing teeth three times a day is perfect to keep our mouth smell fresh. In addition, we avoid having teeth problems, because clean teeth means clean mouth. Third, we have to wash hands before eating or preparing food, to kill any bacteria or dirty things, and not to be sick when we're eating. Fourth, we have to clean and organise everything we use or around us, for not transfer bacteria to us, and not to be sick. To conclude, to be healthy you have to be clean.
    (Grade9 "C" Group D: Dany Daaboul, Eddy Hachem, Raoul Abboud, Sereina Sakr, Yara matta)

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  8. Personal Hygiene
    Personal hygiene is the practice of keeping ourselves and one's living and working condition clean in order to prevent diseases and to maintain good health. First, we should take a daily shower specially in summer days to avoid sweating and bad smells. In fact, most people ignore dirty persons. Second, we should eat three meals a day which are composed from a healthy breakfast like milk, eggs, and cereals; a balanced lunch composed from a variety of food like meat, chicken, fish; and a light dinner. We should eat in a limited quantity to avoid being fat as a result of eating a lot or to be infected with diseases. Third, we have to wash our hands because we use our fingers and our hands in almost all of our activities. Washing our hands especially after using the toilet is a must personal hygiene habit. Washing them thoroughly and drying afterwards help remove germs. Fourth, keeping our home clean by washing and cleaning our bed linens and curtains, and vaccuming the carpets remove dust and mites. This will avoid us from getting allergies. And if you want to smoke, choose to do it outside to allow clean air in your home. Therefore, we should take a daily shower, eat healthy foods, wash our hands, and keep our home clean.
    (Grade 9 ‘B’ Group A:Jad Abboud,Darryl Habchy, Tania Gerges, Sleiman Khoury and Rebecca Zgheib.)

  9. Our Daily Bath
    We are responsible for our health and our physical hygiene, so to maintain self physical hygiene we must have a shower daily. We can't skip a day without taking a bath. First, we must avoid sweating, which causes bad smells: like what happened to our friend who wasn't accepted by others and she wasn't told about her hygiene. Second, skipping our daily washing causes many unhealthy problems to us such as the different diseases that attack our body. Finally, we don't feel well and we always need taking care of our physical health. Therefore, to maintain our physical hygiene we must take a bath everyday to be a good example to others in our community.
    (Grade9 -"C"- Group-"C"-:CĂ©line Khoury, Ghiwa Kosseify, Perla Rechdan, Marwa Souaiby, Sara Tayyar)

    Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons which can be personal, social, and psychological..Essentially, keeping a good standard of hygiene helps to prevent the development and spread of infection, illnesses and bad odors. First we should brush our teeth because a bright white smile with clean and healthy teeth can endear people to us. On the contrary dirty, unhealthy teeth can cause embarrassing and self doubting. Second, we should take a shower and wash our hands because it's by taking care of our body and by ensuring that our body is clean and well presented we are more assured of projecting a positive body image that reflects our personalities. By being well presented, clean and tidy, we can feel more confident especially in social situation. It will make a good impression if you want to maintain a healthy life style.
    (Grade 9 "A" Group A: Joelle Abboud, Raven Hekayem, Roy Saghir, Sara Bou Younes, and Tracy Mouannes)

  11. Physical and emotional health :

    Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons; these can be personal, social, for health reasons or simply as a way of life. Keeping a good standard of hygiene helps to prevent the development and spread of infections, illnesses and bad odors. We can also say that self hygiene is a big part that helps to maintain a better ; emotional and physical health.

    People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their emotions and their behavior. They are able to handle life’s challenges and lead productive lives. When bad things happen, they’re able to bounce back and move on.

    Unfortunately, too many people take their mental and emotional health for granted ,focusing on it only when they develop problems. But just as it requires effort to build physical health, so it is with mental and emotional health.

    People who are mentally and emotionally healthy haave:
    -The ability to deal with stress.
    -A balance between work and play ..
    -Self-confidence .

    Being emotionally and mentally healthy doesn’t mean never going through bad times or experiencing emotional problems.

    Taking care of your body is a powerful first step towards mental and emotional health. The mind and the body are linked. When you improve your physical health, you’ll automatically experience greater mental and emotional well-being.

    Everyone is different; not all things are equal to all people. Some people feel better relaxing and slowing down while others need more activity and more excitement to feel better. The important thing is to find activities that you enjoy and that give you a boost. That way you will obtain greater health and you’ll feel better.
    (Grade9 C, -Group F- : Anastasia Gerges, Salim Haddad, Rawane Haidar, Cynthia Kosseifi and Rodrigue Saad. )

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  13. How to maintain physical health

    Taking care of ourselves is important and there are many ways to protect one’s physical health. First, start maintaining your physical hygiene. Keep your hair, teeth and body clean. Brush your hair every day, take baths when you need them and brush your teeth at least twice a day, if not after every meal. Use deodorant, lotion, soap, shampoo, conditioner but not too much gel or hairspray because chemicals can really mess up your hair. Then, you must exercise regularly. You can lose weight easily by exercising and it keeps you in shape. 45-60 minutes of aerobic physical activity (like running, swimming, bike riding) everyday is sufficient. Next, you have to get enough sleep. You should receive 7-8 hours of sleep a night at the least or you may not be able to work throughout the day and feel tired. Last but not least, have regular checkups with your doctor. It’s an important way to find out if anything is wrong so it can be fixed before it gets worse. Finally, these are some of the instructions that can help our body stay in a good health.
    (Grade 9 A, Group G: Pamela Hayek, Charbel Karam, Helena Khoury, Ghina Khoury and Cynthia Melhem.)

  14. Hygiene And Personality
    Physical health is very important in daily life specifically in our society.A lot of reasons give the hygiene priority on all qualities.We can't live in society if we don't adopt self-hygiene.People can't stand a person who doesn't maintain self-hygien because he could carry every kind of disease and serious ones that cause a big danger to others.A lot of researches and experinces give positive results that a good maintain of physical hygiene insures good and healthy life.For example,in our neighborhood,there is a man who doesn't take care of his self-hygiene.A very serious problem results of this carelessness;nobody can stand talking to him or staying next to him because of his awful smell.Finally,we conclude that it is so important to take care of our self physical health because it reflects our personality.
    (Grade 9B Group D : Tigresse Boutross,Marie-Belle El Hady ,Tony Farah,Maroun Khoury,and Vanessa Sokhen)

  15. Everybody should maintain his physical health and his fitness by keeping his body clean and respecting a healthy diet. To reach this hygiene, we should take a shower frequently. Anti-bacteria gel is a necessity to kill germs that cause diseases. In addition, wearing clean clothes is as important as showering everyday. Wearing dirty clothes transfers germs to our clean bodies. Survey shows that obesity is caused by eating junk food that is unhealthy; and most of the people having it, suffer heart attacks, colesterol and triglyceride. That's why we should organise and balance our diet: eating vegetables and fruits instead of chocolate and candies.Those are the best ways to maintain our physical health and to keep our fitness.
    (Grade 9C : Anthonio Abi-Hanna, Yara Abboud, Michella Eid, Sara Jabbour and Jennifer Matta).

  16. In the past few years smoking took away lots of lives, so we should be cautious about fuming cigarettes .Taking care of our lifestyles may turn out to be a total importance in a certain way that it could have a great effect on our lives. There are still people that don’t realize the importance of basic personal hygiene . Washing their hands and hair, taking regular showers are easy to do and yet they don't make these a habit. Having a body odor makes you feel unsafe and insecure in the company of others. We should explore our present thoughts and emotions by looking at our behavior and attitudes.

  17. Physical hygiene is the fact of maintaining self cleanliness.It's a very important part of our lives because it gives an image of each one of us.It affects one's life,physically and mentally.
    Physically, it affects the person's health condition. He gets diseases that lead him into serious problems. In addition, his smell
    will disgust other people and give him a really bad reputation and it is the least of this person's problems! There are some horrible
    diseases that can be transmitted easily and their origin is "bad hygiene". Mentally, the person might be rejected by his entourage and community. People start avoiding him because of his bad hygiene. And that's how he becomes isolated from others and it changes his personality. When he tries to fit in again, that's the hardest part, when it comes to mental effects. In my opinion, physical hygiene reflects one's personnality and image. (Grade 9"C" Groupe"G" : Perla Moujabber,Georges Hachem,Rana Tayeh,Charbel Ghanem and Julien Sleiman).

  18. Being responsable of something means a lot for us. So, we have many ways to protect our physical health which is very important in our life. First of all, we have to keep fit, clean, eat healthy food and behave in front of people. OK! Imagine a person who doesn't care about his physical cleanliness or he doesn't take his shower daily, which result in a bad smell and a negative way that people can't stand. Therefore, this human should know the limits of living and the rules which he has to apply. That's why he must respect others and don't make discusting things that will help them to take a bad idea of his personality. In the end, we learned that protecting our physical health is a big step to meet the world because without it we can't do anything. Thank you for reading this comment. :)
    ( Grade9 C, group D: Tony Bakhos, Dina Bassil, Ribal Charbel, Nicole Karkafi, Youssed Mira-lynn. )

  19. Physical Health
    To have a healthy body, a person should exercise daily because it's something very important.If a person exercises daily and in a correct way,he can avoid many health problems.Another way to keep our body healthy is eating a lot more home-made neals than fast food whish can cause obesity and many other problems.A healthy body is a clean body.To keep our body clean, we should shower every day, especiallyteenagers because in this period of a person's life change happens in his body and these changes come bad smells.We should protct our physical health because the brain's health is related to the body's health.In fact, sane minde is in a sane bosy.
    Grade 9 "B":Groupe F: Charbel Kourab
    Maria Nasr
    Nisrine Rouphael
    Walid Tarabay
    Robin Zeidan

  20. Smoking is injurious to HEALTH:
    This comment is for :'Group E, Gr9 C'
    Although I prefer to have the idea more clear, maybe with more details, but the fact that they even mentioned smoking is enough; because nowadays, smoking is a big issue that we are dealing with; considering it a big health problem.Among all bad habits that people acquire; smoking probably causes the maximum damage to a person and others also.

  21. This comment is for:"Grade 9 A, Group G"
    I like it it's very special but you should have mentioned something about rashes and stuff like that!! (Thomas Semaan) "Grade 9 A"

  22. Anastasia gerges said:
    This comment is for:"Group E,Gr9 C"
    I like to say that i would prefer to have the idea more clear even if we're having this probelm in nowadays